Note from Fern

Hi all!

Hi all!

Cornwall is my inspiration for so many reasons.  There’s a sense of peace, calm and beauty about the place which is so British, but heavenly too!  I love splashing about by the shore, walking barefoot in the sand with my jeans turned up, and feeling the sea air against my skin – it’s revitalising! There are so many different nooks and crannies, and hidden corners in Cornwall too; it’s no wonder it’s such a favourite location for so many people!

Cornwall is such a storybook place, it’s impossible not to write it into my stories, and be inspired by it too. It has this inherent sense of romance about the towns. Cornwall to me is a character; a living, breathing something that feeds me, my soul, my imagination. The blue skies, the grainy sand between your toes and the saltiness in your hair after being here a few days. I sleep well here, I smile more here.

When you visit Cornwall something extra special stays with you long after you leave – and that’s what I hope I capture in my tales in Trevay. I want it to be like Cornwall. To be easy on the mind, for you to be as immersed in the story as you are with the place – and for it to have a happy ending of course! I love a tidy little ending where all the knots of the story come undone and tie beautifully together.

Reading is a bit like a holiday from your own life, and where else would I rather go on holiday than to the Cornish coast?  I hope I leave a little bit of something with my readers when they finish that last page of my book – even if it’s an imagined ray of Cornish sunshine warming your back or the hankering for a Cornish pasty.

I took great pleasure in imagining up my latest books, The Postcard and A Seaside Affair and spent too many hours at my desk tinkering with the stories until I feel they reflect a tiny piece of the magic that Cornwall holds for me. I hope you enjoy these next two books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Warmest wishes,

Fern xxx